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Unlike most bad-breath treatments, BreathRx mouth rinse knocks out bad breath by going straight to its source. Our revolutionary system is designed to treat both the symptoms of bad breath and its causes in three effective steps. By harnessing the potent power of Zytex® — our own special blend of anti-bacterial and odor-neutralizing ingredients — the BreathRx system is clinically proven to give you fresher breath for hours and hours.

Serious bad breath calls for Serious Science.

Over 60 million Americans suffer from bad breath, but you don't have to be one of them any more. It can happen to anyone at any time, and a low-carb diet, heartburn, acid reflux, dry-mouth and several other factors can make it worse.

It might feel clean, but your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, which feed on food particles trapped between your teeth and in the fissures of your tongue. Bad breath is actually the smell of those bacteria's gaseous waste — a foul odor comprised of what scientists call volatile sulfur compounds, or VSC's.

The grossest part? Most treatments just mask the symptoms of bad breath and don't attack the cause, leaving those bacteria free to gorge themselves — and continuing their chain of smelly proliferation. That's where BreathRx is different.

BreathRx Mouthwash

Attack bad breath with BreathRx

BreathRx mouth rinse isn't your ordinary, everyday mouth wash. Its dual-action power attacks odor-causing bacteria at the source and neutralizes their awful foul-smelling odors. It's alcohol free, sugar free and contains Zytex, our odor-neutralizing secret weapon in the fight against bad breath.

Our anti-bacterial mouth rinse provides finishing power, sweeping away any leftover bacteria or food, and giving you a minty-clean feeling that lasts hour after hour. It's even clinically proven to improve your breath over time! So rinse away and feel confident that you have the freshest breath possible, when you need it most.

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Success Stories

"I really like my BreathRx products. The dentist recommended it because my husband and I were both having problems with our gums and teeth. It has cleared up our problems, and the hygienist was very pleased the next time we went in. The taste is great, and we don't wake up with "morning mouth."
- Sandra & Ken Watkins North Fort Meyer, FL

"My dentist introduced me to BreathRx several years ago and the first time I used the tooth paste I was hooked. My teeth felt like I had just been to the dentist's office."
- Martha Hampton Chicago, IL